Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Ask Tinted Blu: Teabagging

It’s literally what it says on the packet… Imagine, when having a cuppa, you dunk the teabag in and out of the water – for...

Ask Tinted Blu: Fisting

Still a very taboo area of discussion, fisting is a sexual practice that is enjoyed by both men and women. If done safely, pleasure can...

Ask Tinted Blu: Dry Orgasm

What is a dry orgasm? In a nutshell, a dry orgasm is when someone with a penis orgasms but doesn’t ejaculate – there is no...

Ask Tinted Blu: Tossing the Salad

You’ve probably heard the term tossing the salad more than once and whilst yes, actually throwing together some cucumber, tomatoes and bit of lettuce...

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