Friday, July 19, 2019

[#21TINTED – Day 16] Rub-a-dub!

Multiple orgasms was a guarantee with this guy For both of us… When we were both well and truly fucked, we smoked our last spliff together Shortly...

[#21TINTED – Day 15] Steady pleasure!

The length of him was a lot His width, filled me up As he thrust back and forth I could feel my insides shift As his pace quickened The...

[#21TINTED – Day 14] Salad tossed!

I came in his mouth That’s what he wanted That’s what he always wanted! He lapped that up like a dog sipping water on a hot day Hungry...

[#21TINTED – Day 13] Deep!

Deep Deep Sucks --- Deep Deep Groans --- Deep Deep Flicks --- Deep Deep Moans --- Long Hard Licks --- Gave me… --- Long Hard Kicks --- Him kissing my… --- Big Hard Clit --- Was the… --- Wild… …est Shit! --- Pure ecstasy….! --- --- --- --- Sherryl Blu© All rights reserved

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[#21TINTED – Day 21] Dashed and new dick ready!

Luke definitely answered his phone and right from the offset, the lies spewed In that moment I remembered why we were only compatible sexually Luke was...