Shower Sex 101

Day dreaming about hot water lashing down on your skin whilst your partner caresses you gently, teases your parts and over familiarises themselves with all your erogenous zones definitely sounds like a lot of fun, but the reality is; shower sex is high risk.

Getting jiggy underwater in a bathroom, comes with a high chance of awkward angles and crappy attempts to balance or avoid slipping and potentially breaking your neck…at worse!

The idea of stumbling on a super wet tile whilst face deep in dick, only to end up being carried to A&E because not only did said dick nearly choke the shit out of you when you fell, but you also managed to twist and dislocate something in your back, is enough to turn you off the idea isn’t it?

And fellas, I can pretty much guarantee the thought of her getting over excited and losing her balance as you chomp away at her saturated snatch, fills you with dread. Whilst most of you wouldn’t mind a face full of pussy, I’m sure having it slammed into your mug with no prior warning or control, is not really what you’re after…right?

Yeah, shower sex is a tricky one BUT…and it’s a huge but, it can absolutely work. You’ve just got to be sensible with it.

Three top tips on how to make it safe(r).

Invest in a rubber bath mat

Most people probably won’t have one as having a regular shower generally doesn’t pose much risk. Adding an extra body into the mix for pleasure purposes especially, definitely does!

Get a mat with suction cups. You need that shit to Gorilla grip the bath tub or shower space floor. Worrying about slipping is enough to throw you off enjoying yourself.

Use a foot stand

If you already have a built in one…fantastic! If you don’t, get yourself one. Either a stand or seat suitable for use in the shower can give you extra confidence when it comes to all those soaking wet antics!

Avoid oils!

For obvious reasons really. Oil by itself can potentially cause slippery situations. Throw some water in the equation and you have a huge problem. Water + oil = guaranteed slippage!

OK, so now we’ve covered some of the practicalities, what about actually getting it on in the shower? What works best and how?

Let me tell yoooou!

Use lube!

As with all forms of sexual activity, lube can add an extra layer of pleasure. Doing it in the shower is no different.

For those of you screaming; BUT YOU’RE ALREADY WET COZ YOU’RE IN THE SHOWER! Please….!

Whilst it may be hard to get your head around this fact; water has never and will never be a lubricant! And actually, shagging with just water between you, can in some instances cause friction – and nobody wants that kind of friction….NOBODY!

Do yourself a favour and grab some silicone-based lube, slap it on and off you go!

Have fun with soap suds.

Yeahhhh, soapy play can be fun.

Visually, soapy bits look great so lather up and get caressing but bare in mind, ladies I’m talking to you in particular; don’t let those soap suds find their way up in ya private bits. Remember your ph. balance will get thrown off and that’s potentially a whole other situation right there!

Sex toys!

There’s always room for some extra-ness and in the shower, it’s no different!

Consider using a waterproof vibrator for exciting stimulation for both men and women.

Note: please ensure its waterproof – no electric shocks please!


Now here’s the big one…

If it’s penetration that you want, then it is penetration that you shall have!

However, it goes without say…be careful and work within your means!

Being in a wet shower is not the time to try out that brand new position you saw online and its definitely not the time to indulge your inner acrobat either!

Simple but effective is what will work best here.

Here’s three positions that may work for you:

  1. Stay standing

For this position, you will be facing each other which can add to the intimacy of it all.

One of you should be leaning against the shower wall for support. The person being penetrated lifts up one leg to allow for insertion whilst the person against the wall assists by holding up said leg.

Once it’s in – off you go…

  1. Stand and straddle

 Although this can be done standing up, it might be easier and safer if done using a seat.

This position requires the person being penetrated to be held up, back against the wall, legs open initially. Once penetrated, legs can be wrapped around the giver and the journey to ecstasy can begin.

Sidenote: you can see how the seat could come in handy here right?

  1. Wet doggy

This position is literally what it says on the packet!

The receiver bends over and is penetrated from the back.

Using a bath mat here is crucial.

Wet hands on tiles will make you slip especially once the pummelling begins.

Pro tip: position yourselves so you have the shower water slapping against your back as you grind. It’s an extra, welcomed layer of sensuality that you won’t be sorry about.