DAY. 27: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (1st December 2020)

Eventually, Theo stood up and headed over to us

He positioned himself in front of me

His dick bobbed about like an anaconda…mesmerising

He tilted his hips forward slightly, urging me to suck him

I didn’t need to be hinted at twice

I steadied myself with both hands and leant in, taking most of him into my mouth

He began to gently gyrate

Because my hands were propping me up, my mouth literally served as a wet glory hole

Theo thrust back and forth alternating the pace wherever he felt it necessary

I enjoyed the feeling of being pummelled from the back and front

The sensations that took over me were indescribable

I was being spit roasted and I loved it

I felt my breasts just hanging, swinging slightly with every pump from the stranger and then again with every dip from Theo

Theo took it up a notch and held the back of my head

He urged me take more of him

I gagged but I liked that

I pulled back and spat on his pulsating cock

He guided my head back towards and began to fuck my mouth

Meanwhile, the stranger decided to up his game too

He sped up his motion

It was almost deranged by the time I exploded into orgasm

I shuddered as my mouth fell limp and Theo’s cock just slipped out

He picked up where I left off and began to beat his dick with hand

The stranger pulled out of me, whipped off his condom and began to jerk off too

In no time at all, I felt a warm wet sensation across my back and a similar feel across my face