DAY. 25: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (29th November 2020)

Theo wanted the stranger to fuck me next

He wanted to watch

It felt weird when he sat there as the stranger moved into the space he was in just moments prior

He didn’t hesitate to insert his erect cock into me and start fucking me though

His pace was different to Theo

It was measured…slower but, deeper

He was giving deep strokes

I could feel him in my cervix

His motion sent waves through me

I didn’t expect that

I had expected it to be more mechanical given the circumstances but it wasn’t

It was more sensual

There was a passion behind the way he moved

It felt so good

I couldn’t hold my satisfied groans in

I was concerned with Theo’s feelings

I wondered whether, despite him being 1000% on board with this, would he be offended if I appeared to enjoying being pleasured by another man?

Was there a happy medium?

Perhaps a little bit of moaning but not, too much?

I looked over to Theo

He did not look fazed…not in the slightest

In fact, it was quite the opposite

He had his dick in his hand and he was gently jerking off his eyes remained transfixed on me and the stranger