DAY. 23: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (27th November 2020)

After a while, Theo couldn’t fight the urge to not get involved any more.

As I continued sucking on this stranger’s dick, he moved over to us and told him to sit on the edge of the bed.

He ordered me to bend over in front of the stranger and continue administering sloppy head.

Theo told me to cock my arse and spread my legs.

He knelt down behind me and sunk his face into my pussy, from the back.

The moment his stiff tongue connected with my wetness, I instinctively backed up into him more.

His tongue was frantic.

It darted around my soft, damp snatch with urgency and purpose.

It weakened me.

I eased off the sucking for a minute. I wanted to enjoy Theo’s tongue playing with me.

It wasn’t long before his hands parted my cheeks and his tongue found my arsehole.

As it flicked over, I couldn’t stifle my moans of satisfaction.

Theo knew what he was doing and what’s more, he knew I loved it.

Involuntarily, I let one of my hands fall down in between my legs.

My forefinger found my clit and I began to stroke it whilst Theo tongue fucked my arse, my mouth still wrapped around this strangers throbbing cock!

I was so turned on.

I could feel my juices building.

My fingers were so obviously wet.

Theo ran his hand across my pussy and witnessed how saturated I was too.

He promptly stood up, held on to my waist and push his full erection into me.

His dick filled up my pussy, like it always did.

I squealed with ecstasy, still with the dick in my mouth!