DAY. 22: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (26th November 2020)

Once inside we tried to normalise a very abnormal situation with drinks…

Alcohol was always a good go-to when other options looked bleak

Theo had brought a bottle of quality vodka.

I didn’t usually drink vodka because it was a creeper. One minute you were fine then without warning, your head would be gone!

I drank it that night though…lots of it too!

I felt the effects quite quickly so when it came to doing what we were there for, I was game!

Theo wanted to watch me pleasure our friend.

I was keen to impress so I knelt before him and proceeded to nosh him off

His dick was slightly longer than Theo’s but lacked in the girth department.

Theo was THICK.

This guy tasted nice though…very clean.

I could smell a slight hint of body wash as I bobbed my head back and forth.

He was rock hard

I could feel the vein in his cock pulsate.

I worked hard on him

I could tell he was enjoying it

Every now and again, he thrust forward, stretching for that extra little something

I could take it deep throat so I welcomed him.

Theo watched on, dick his hand, gently stroking his increasingly, hardening dick!