DAY. 21: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (25th November 2020)

I remember when Theo suggested a threeway.

I was apprehensive at first

I mean it was something I had often wondered about….fantasised about even, but never considered how it would be, actually taking part.

We didn’t want to use someone we knew so we paid for an escort that was happy to provide extras

Picking the escort was interesting though, I had my ideas of what I wanted and Theo had his.

He didn’t want someone with a bigger dick or better body than him whilst my main emphasis was on the dick.

Theo was well endowed so I wanted something just that little bit bigger…to make it worth the while.

We settled and arranged the hook up.

We decided to take it to a hotel…neutral ground.

It was weird waiting in the lobby for this guy.

I’m sure the hotel staff knew what was happening because when he turned up, he looked every bit the male prostitute that he was.

He looked better in the flesh though

I fancied him instantly.

We got the niceties out of the way and headed up to our suite.