DAY. 19: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (23rd November 2020)

With his legs slightly open and his knees bent, I gently allowed the soft but firm dildo meet the entrance to his arse.

He tensed slightly…which was to be expected

I leaned in a bit more, applying enough pressure until I penetrated him

He let out a groan and wrapped his arms beneath his legs to support himself

“Is that OK?” I asked

“Yes!” he replied

I gently began to thrust back and forth, building up a rhythm , watching the wetness of the lube around the dildo.

I could see him visibly grit his teeth as my motion stabilised

I got into it

I was actually fucking him

He was letting me fuck him!

As I continued on, the rubbing of the strap on against my clit, excited me

He was getting fucked and I was getting rubbed.

I could feel the wetness build

I was so turned on.

He eventually relaxed into it and let his legs go

He arched his back and gently began to grind back on the toy

This excited me more.