DAY. 13: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (17th November 2020)

Multiple orgasms were on the menu that night.

He pleasured me in so many ways. I was sopping wet mess by the time I finally got to taste his amazingness.

My pussy was vibrating as I perched in front of him.

His erect cock stood before me, bobbing just inches away from my nose.

I leant forward and licked the tip.

His dick flexed again. It was as though it approved of my long, taut tongue.

I pursed my lips and sucked gently on the head.

He sighed deeply and at the same time, I tasted a small amount of pre cum.

Whilst my cervix still contracted from the dicking and licking I had just received, I wanted to finish him off perfectly.

I used my right hand to steady his throbbing member and began to suck hard on it.

I took him in deep and every time my lips met the base of his penis, he groaned with pleasure.

I found a rhythm and together with my hand wanking him off, I administered the best sloppy toppy ever!

One of his hands held the back of my head and urged me to continue with my deep throat onslaught.

More pre cum deposited in my throat and his hand rested heavier on my head.

He began to thrust his waist, steadily increasing in pace whilst his throaty grunts intensified too.

His other hand met the back of my head and he began to use both his hands to aid him as he proceeded to fuck my throat.

Within in minutes, I could feel his dick readying to blow.

The cum bubbled up and I literally felt it travel up his shaft just before it burst into my mouth with force.

He tensed up as he ejaculated and then after a few seconds, he proceeded to grind my face off once more.

Hot, forthy cum spilled out of the sides of my mouth as he slowed his gyrating right down until it began random, gentle thrusts.

He was done….

All out!

And I was happy….