Penis preferences

I recently did an instapoll on men’s bits because if I‘m brutally honest, I just adore talking about them.

I love the fact that it often makes for uncomfortable conversation. I mean imagine just randomly asking someone whether they like the look of dicks or, how do you like them? Thick, thin, long or short?

Horrifying for many to consider, exciting for me!

I’m obsessed with the male genitalia!
OK, ‘obsessed’ is probably a bit strong but I do enjoy them massively.

I like how they look. They’re kind of droopy and sad looking when floppy but the moment they get excited, it’s a rock-hard-stand-to-attention-look-at-me kind of vibe.

When you really think about it, erect cocks are so vain! They’re all up in your face and powerful with it too! It’s like you’re unable to look away once you catch sight of it. They’re just there, vying for your undivided and when you do eventually give into their conceited behaviour, they thank you by getting even harder or some go that little bit further and flex a vein or two. Veins are almost the equivalent of biceps in the dick world aren’t they? They pop up and show out just to get your attention and let you know whose boss…or at least that’s what they think!

Generally, I like how they look on a whole and I’m definitely not here to discriminate so I won’t go into the specifics of the kind of cocks that get me going personally but I have to say; the results of the poll were interesting.

It would appear most women prefer circumcised penises. Now, I understand the main reason behind this preference is hygiene.

The narrative presented to us and the ideas many of us hold, is; circumcised willies are cleaner!

Can I just say, what you like to look at is one thing but, deciding that a dick with a foreskin is dirtier than one without, is crazy to me. Hygiene is crucial regardless of whether you have foreskin or not and I would go as far as to say, if you don’t wash and maintain yourself properly, you’re going to smell however it goes! OK, I understand that stuff can build up under the foreskin (yuew) but again, it’s about knowing your body and ensuring you take the necessary steps to keep it clean – all of it!

Again, just to reiterate, I am not discounting a person’s preference in terms of what visually pleases but can we please dead off the hygiene argument?

At the risk of sounding like I not only own a penis but possess one with a foreskin, I want to say, all dicks matter! LOL

Men need to learn how to look after themselves and guys, if you are foreskin-less, please do not think you don’t have to take good care too. Your willy still has the absolute potential to smell and yeah, nobody wants that…NOBODY!

Another thing the poll threw up was the attraction to pulsating veins in a penis.

First of all, not every man has a huge vein that throbs like it has its own heartbeat running through the shaft and secondly, those that do are neither better or worse off than those who don’t.

It. Is. Just. A. Vein.

It doesn’t do anything more than protrude.

It doesn’t add to the pleasure, unless of course you like the feel of pounding veins in your mouth or hands and to be honest, the benefit is all for him because if we really get technical, that vein is contributing to keeping the man attached to the penis alive! It’s pumping blood to his erection and then back to his heart so yes, it is important but in terms of pleasure for you…nothing! *sad face*

Ahhhhhh sorry if I’m reigning on your parade here. I just want to keep it 100! If you enjoy looking at a veiny, erect dick and that turns you on, that’s OK …you’re not alone!

One final point on a man’s meat and two veg. It is OK to landscape, you know…mow the lawn, trim the hedges, keep it all neat and tidy. This applies especially if you like to be the recipient of oral sex. For the most part, NOONE wants to come away from a sexual encounter with a mouth full of pubes. I guess one or two won’t kill you but if your servicer winds up with them trapped between their teeth, that could be a sign that it’s time to familiarise yourself with a razor, some clippers or some wax!

No, I am not here to tell you what to do with your man bits buuuuut, just like most of y’all like a woman to be neat and tidy down there, the feeling is mutual. Keep it tidy mate!

Jokes aside though, only ever do what feels comfortable to you when it comes to the maintenance of your body parts. Never feel shamed into doing stuff and only do something, if it works for you…I genuinely mean that!