DAY. 11: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (15th November 2020)

His mouth moved away from mine and dropped down to my breasts.

He caressed my nipples with his tongue.

He sucked, he licked, he teased.

My head sunk deeper into the cushion as the pleasure rippled through me. I had no energy to prop myself up.

One of his hands stroked the side of me. Fingers running up and down, almost tickling me. I was sensitive, but it felt so good!

His head moved back up toward my face and as he trailed gentle kisses all the way up the side of neck, I felt the warmness of his mouth meet my ear.

“I want to taste you” he murmured. “Can I taste your pussy?”

“I would love that,” I responded

He wasted no time and eased up off me.

He shuffled until he was in line with the centre of the couch and then he pulled me gently towards him. I moved along and sat upright in front of him.

“Stand up.” He said.

I stood up.

“Take off your dress” he requested

I slowly unzipped the back and let it fall to my feet

His eyes remained on me. Unwavering.

Because I did not wear underwear, I stood there in all my naked glory whilst he appreciated the view.

After a minute or so, he leant forward and immersed his face in between my legs whilst at the same time, he used one hand to part them.

I felt his tongue dart between my pussy lips.

A rush of excitement sped through my thighs.

He began to lick up and down, his neck and back arched enabling him to get all the way in!

Instinctively I bent my legs and thrust into him. He loved that and responded by grabbing both of my thighs with his hands and pulling me even closer.

He sucked on my clit like life depended on it. This drove me wild.

I stared to gyrate my waist rubbing my pussy in his face.

He tilted back even further, then suddenly, he ordered me to turn around and kneel on the couch.

I did as I was told, arse cocked in the air, legs slightly open.

There was a pause before I felt his tongue poke at my arsehole.