DAY. 7: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (11th November 2020)

Theo drove. I had decided not to so it was a no brainer when he asked me if I was jumping in with him as we left the restaurant.

In true gentleman style, he held the passenger car door open for me and once inside, he closed it too.

I quickly got cosy in the leather bucket seats.

I inhaled deeply and got a nose full of the sweet vanilla scent that surrounded me. His car was spotless!

Once he got in, he didn’t put his seatbelt on or turn the car over. Nope! He leant back and cocked his head towards me. He said nothing. He just looked at me. I looked at him too. We sat there for a minute or so, eyes fixed on one another.

Then he leant forward…

“Kiss me!” he said

How could I resist?

I immediately moved my body towards his.

As our lips connected, the electricity was undeniable!

This was the result of hours of naughty conversation and days worth of dreaming and wondering. I felt all of that in our connection.

The softness of his lips did stuff. And when his tongue began to move around my mouth in a slow but strong motion, I wilted.

Literally…melted into the passion.

As we got more and more into the kiss, I felt his hand rest on my naked thigh.

I was OK with that. In fact, when he gripped it a little bit, I didn’t want him to stop.

So, when his hand started to move up my thigh, I felt the excitement building.

As he reached the top, I considered the fact that I was in his car. Thank God for the tinted windows, I thought.

As we continued to tongue each other whilst intermittently sucking on each others lips, his hand continued working its way up until he discovered, I was commando!