DAY. 6: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (10th November 2020)

There was no confusion when it came to meeting. We both had a clear understanding of exactly what we were dealing with. In fact, the only thing that set me back a little, was his size. He was bigger in person, but that was OK.

We hugged like old friends and giggled as we embraced.

We made our way into the restaurant.

As I followed the waiter to our table and Theo strode behind, I could feel his eyes burning into me. Watching my arse wiggle in that sexy little dress. I almost knew what he was thinking.

Once at the table, we sat opposite each other.

At one point, we sat in silence but so much was said. So much had already been said, we didn’t need to use words.

We shared a starter. Dusted calamari with garlic aioli.

It was lush.

He was lush…

I watched the way his lips wrapped around each piece.

His full, juicy lips.

I was mesmerised by this man.

The way his jaw moved when he ate, the way he was just…there!

He was captivating and knowing all that I had already come to understand about him, made him even more appealing. I felt like I knew him more that I actually did…

Our conversations that went on for hours, our constant stream of messages throughout each day and our regular bouts of phone sex…

I was familiar with this guy and wanted so desperately to make what was previously fantasy, an absolute reality.

I couldn’t wait to finish the meal and leave this restaurant.

I didn’t want to go to a bar. I wanted to go any place that would allow me to witness “Theo” in person.