DAY. 5: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (9th November 2020)

From that moment on, things with Theo were super intense and so freakin sexy!

I spent most of the time just thinking about him and contemplating all the things I wanted to do to when I finally got to meet him in person.

My mind took me to some really depraved places when I thought of him. I wanted to do wild shit with him. Push those boundaries. Do stuff I had always wanted to do…

We were both keen to meet so we set a date.

Turns out he didn’t live too far away so it was more a matter of synchronising schedules.

We agreed to meet one Friday evening because there was no work in the morning.

We decided to go and have some food first and then perhaps go on to a bar or something afterwards.

Let me tell you, that Friday couldn’t come around quick enough. We had spoken every night since our first virtual sex session. Our conversations always ended up being sexual in nature. Our chemistry was off the chain, it was inevitable!

That evening, I couldn’t get home from work quick enough.

I had been debating what to wear in my mind all day!

What would be sexy enough?

I settled on my mini olive green leather dress. It hugged me in all the right places and showcased my full figure perfectly. I teamed it up with my 4” suede thigh high boots.

I kept my make up to minimum and gave myself a few extra long sprays of my favourite Tom Ford perfume. I felt good!

I was ready to meet Theo in person.

I hoped he was ready for me too!