DAY. 4: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (8th November 2020)

Despite my eagerness, I let the phone ring for a while before picking up.

As soon as the picture loaded, my eyes were confronted with dick!

Well actually it was Theo with his dick in his hand but all I registered was the dick. It was ample and vast. It stood out. It was apparent.

He was gently stroking it and looking directly into the camera as I just gawked on, mouth slightly agape, my mind running crazy.

I managed to utter two extremely awkward words, “looks good!”

He smiled at my cringeworthy comment and responded by leaning back and upgrading his stroke to more of a wanking motion.

It really did look good…I was so tempted to tell him again, but I decided not to.

I watched on as excitement built up in the pit of my tummy.

And then he dropped it on me.

“Let me see you play with yourself.”

I tried to play it cool and act as if I didn’t hear his request when the reality was, there was no way I couldn’thave heard him.

He repeated himself.

I couldn’t ignore him this time.

“Tell me what you want me to do?” I replied

“Take off your pants and play with your pussy!” he declared

He was so straight talking. No dithering, no hesitation just right to the point. How could I argue?

I couldn’t!

Here I was, enjoying the view and he wanted some visual stimulation too.

I quickly figured it made sense to do what he had asked of me so I propped the phone up against the TV stand and proceeded to remove my jeans and pants.

There was no finesse when it came to removing my clothes. I tried to be as sexy as possible but ended up getting one leg trapped as I pulled off my jeans!

I got there in the end!

He laughed along with my clumsiness but at no point did his cock leave his hand.

I sat upright on the couch, facing the phone with my legs spread.

As I let my fingers find their way to my wet snatch, I could see him lean in to the phone screen.

“Hold the phone closer,” he said

I obliged by picking up the phone with my left hand then proceeded to let my right hand do the work.

As I held the phone up, I ran my fingers up and down my clit, stroking and caressing. I could feel it harden as I played away.

The dampness was undeniable when I inserted a finger inside me.

“Take your finger out and show me your wetness.” he said

I did what was asked.

He wanked himself harder and quicker

“Taste it!” he ordered

I put my wet finger in my mouth

“How does it taste?” he asked

“Good!” I replied

He responded with, “OK, keep going!”

My fingers went back to it.

I alternated between finger fucking myself and rubbing my throbbing love bud.

As I watched him wanking off as I played with myself, I began to gush.

I was so turned on!

He was rock hard and wanking away.

I could feel myself building up.

He must’ve known because he told me to make myself cum.

“Cum all over your fingers.” He ordered

I was so close, it didn’t take me long.

I fixated on his pulsating dick as I massaged my clit until I felt the pressure of an orgasm escape me.

My hand holding the phone began to shake as I came hard.

“Put the phone near your pussy.” He requested in an urgent sounding tone.

Barely unable to hold it, I just let my hand drop down and the phone fell in front of my sopping cunt.

In no time at all, I heard him grunt and groan.

I managed to muster enough energy to pick up the phone to witness his ejaculation erupt.

He kept on beating at it until he could take no more.

His hand let go of him semi erect meat and he let his head fall back as he enjoyed the ripples of his orgasm.

For a few minutes, neither of us said a word. We just lay there, phone in one hand, riding the waves of ecstasy.