DAY. 3: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (7th November 2020)

His voice was deep and velvety. It pleased my ears. I wanted to hear it over and over and as he expressed his approval at the ampleness of my breasts, I found myself smirking.

His voice alone was golden.

The sound his mouth naturally made, genuinely got me going!

As the message continued, he went on to tell me how he enjoyed worshipping boobs and mine looked worthy of all the appreciation.

He detailed how he would cup them in his hands and massage them. Then he would roll each nipple between his fingers until they hardened at which point, he would lower his head until he met with one of them and then he would proceed to wrap his lips around my fully erect nipple and begin to suck gently.

He told me, he would alternate between sucking and licking and every now and again, he would look up at me just to make sure I was enjoying what he was doing.

I loved all that he was saying. It turned me on…I could feel myself literally getting physically turned on. I wanted him to know this so I sent him back a voice note telling him exactly what his message did to me.

I told him I was wet!

He responded by video calling me….