DAY. 2: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (6th November 2020)

Theo was super confident about everything…himself, his body…everything!

That was one of the things I particularly loved about him.

I remember the first time he sent me a naughty pic. We were chatting away online, as normal. Admittedly the conversation had begun to heat up and there was indeed a lot of suggestion and innuendo so when I opened the message and saw his thick but smooth, long but manageable, piece of meat, my cervix contracted and my pussy quivered. I spent at least two minutes just ogling the picture, imagining how it would feel in my hands, mouth and of course, how great it would feel penetrating me.

I pondered whether sending a sexy picture back, was the right thing to do in this instance. I didn’t want to come across too easy or keen but at the same time, the idea of exchanging “naughtiness” thrilled me.

I bit the bullet and sent him a picture of my naked boobs. It was a picture I already had in the photo stash on my phone. It’s like he knew because his immediate response was; “send me a picture of you right now!”

I blushed privately and shuffled nervously. At this point I was so glad he couldn’t actually see me. I hesitated then thought eff it! I pulled off my vest top and undid my bra. I lay back in the seat I was sat in, held the camera above me and snapped! The angle made my tits looked huge! I paused again. I contemplated deleting and taking another picture. I decided against a retake and sent my first attempt.

As soon as I had pressed send, a bolt of excitement shot through me.

I waited in anticipation for his response.

Eventually a message came through…it was a voice note!