DAY. 1: EROTICA – Lockdown 2.0 Challenge (5th November 2020)

Lockdown couldn’t come at a worse time to be honest…

I had just secured a new bae and things were beginning to heat up.

Whilst I understand Lockdown 2.0 is needed – for the greater good and all that, there’s that little selfish part of me that feels like; well I have needs too!

And let me tell you, my needs run deep…

My sex drive is at an all-time high right now and meeting Theo online was exactly what I needed.

Theo was absolutely, my cup of tea!

His outlook on life matched mine, he looked great and his sexual appetite was insatiable PLUS he had a big dick!

I came to this understanding quite early on actually. In fact, our whole bit was initially based on exchanging naughty pics and vids and having regular rounds of cyber sex.

To be honest, the regularity of our online antics hasn’t changed but our connection definitely has. After meeting up for the third time, our compatibility was undeniable. We clicked in ways I had never felt before. Sounds corny indeed, but it’s all true. That saying; when you know, you know – was so very apt here.

Theo was the whole package and getting to know him was every bit as interesting as the endless amounts of beautiful dick pics that he would send me.

He intrigued me and I found myself thinking about him far more than I probably would’ve liked. He always seemed to penetrate my thoughts and just sit there you know, in my mind, occupying space and distracting me.

I was hooked on Theo and everything about him…