Armpits & aftershave

Scents are important to me. In fact, my sense of smell is such a huge factor in my world that it often acts as the thing that can either make or break a situation. Most people that know me understand I love to wear gorgeous smelling perfumes, burn beautiful aromatic candles or simply just let the sizzle of a sensually infused Japanese incense stick, engulf the room with a sexy smell.

Growing up, I remember my friends and I would take petals off the rose bushes dotted around and mix them up together with water and talcum powder…yes, talc!
Our innocent attempt to create something that smelled great, would turn out to be nothing more than a weird sludge of pink and white with an earthy odour but, we were convinced that it was perfume and I would literally dream about it being real but instead of actually applying our concoction onto my skin, I’d sneak into my mom and dad’s bedroom and secretly dab just a little bit of my mom’s perfumes on my wrist. I’d inhale the fragrance deeply and intermittently – I loved it!
I particularly enjoyed strong fragrances, you know the ones that would linger, the ones that made a statement. They felt powerful!

My obsession with nice smells intensified with age. Every year, my Christmas and birthday lists would include an array of perfumes, body oils and lotions. Luscious smells actually excited me and this infatuation soon became part of my attraction towards men. I genuinely got off on a sexy arse aftershave or fragrance. It wasn’t the be all and end all as far as attraction went but let me tell you, it added at least 10 layers to it. If he looked good, acted right and smelled great, faaark he was a keeper!

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, my thing for smells kind of took a bit of a turn. When it came to sex, I enjoyed smelling that manly hue and no, I’m definitely not talking bad BO or anything like that, I’m talking, just MAN!  Like, I want to smell the woodiness of your armpits and believe me when I say I’m inhaling that man musk. I feel I need to clarify a few things though. Unwashed skin and sweaty ball sacks are an absolute no no! Cleanliness and on point hygiene, is crucial…no slacking and no excuses but yeah, I do want to smell you!

For many, this whole smelling thing might sound so wrong but actually, the bit about being drawn to body odours is not as bizarre as you may think. It’s true that within the animal kingdom, smells and odours play a huge part when it comes to sexual arousal. Animals will excrete pheromones to let potential mates know that they are on heat. However, certain scientific schools of thought suggest humans lack the hardware to process body odour when it comes to sexual attraction although there is more and more research coming through that proves in this instance, science is wrong!

Even considering the importance of odours when it comes to moods suggest that we use our sense of smell for more than we probably realise, I mean why else is the aromatherapy and home fragrance industries booming? Scents are so important to us when it comes to food, comfortability and everything else so why not sex?
I think the whole arousal by scent thing definitely varies from individual to individual and how common it is may be up for debate, but I can wholeheartedly vouch for the fact that  it absolutely does it for me!