[Audio Fiction] I imagine – an erotic fantasy about you as featured on girlonthenet.com

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I don’t need to be near you
I don’t need to smell you
I don’t need to feel you
Just the mere thought of you is enough…
Enough to make my pussy quiver…

You intrigue me
You excite me
You make me imagine all the things that I should not
What you smell like
What you feel like
What you… taste like
I’m curious
Very curious….

I imagine you smell strong
Sugary and potent
Rich and smooth
Mellow and enticing
I imagine you taste delicious too
Deep and decadent
With top notes reminiscent of the sweetest tasting cherries baked with the finest almonds

I imagine the touch of your hands… they’re electrifying
…releasing volts that surge through my skin when you touch me,
sending shock waves through my body causing my back to arch, forcing my nipples to harden, triggering uncontrollable wetness to swamp my pussy!

I can imagine it all…
The softest part of your fingertips trailing my body in contrast with the firmness of your hands as you caress me…
… with purpose
With meaning
With fire…
With passion!
I imagine….

I imagine the softness of your lips when they connect with mine,
I imagine the readiness of your tongue as it dives deep into my warm and inviting mouth
The intensity of our kiss as your hand holds the back of my head pulling me in, making me wilt… giving in to you…
I imagine my knees will feel weak and will buckle underneath the fire ravishing my insides from the soles of my feet to the tips of my fingers…
My body… will be at your mercy
Completely yours for the taking
Ready and yearning
Begging to feel you inside me

Your vastness will fill me
And as we move
My wetness will be without apology
Flowing in abundance

… whilst you continue to fuck me
The rhythm and the sensation will hypnotise me
Mesmerise me..
Send me away
Far way….
… beyond my being…
I’ll feel high…
So high
Soaring at metaphoric heights
Enrobed in the colours of ecstasy
To stop…
I imagine it all.

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