Orgasms in colour

It’s well understood that our bodies experience a whole host of different feels during sex, from the increase in sensitivity, especially our erogenous zones through to the need to curl our toes when its hitting in just the right way…but what about the colours?

This is a question I have been quietly curious about for years, in fact a lot of my erotic poetry and stories often refer to the colours of climax and the wonderous shapes that appear when the orgasm is let’s say…legendary?

Have you ever experienced such a thing? You know, when your orgasm is so powerful that just at the point of climax, you feel as though you have been transported into another dimension, one that is just colours? I’m talking, swirls and ripples of colours, ranging in shades, hues and intensities, forming inexplainable patterns backed up by a euphoric feel that surges through your whole body, engulfing you, leaving your body fizzing with ecstasy. I’d see orange and amber blends melt into a pool of pink and onto a plethora of purples often ending in a variety of violets and an explosion of blues, like literally…an explosion! 

And what about the trance like state after the orgasm? I think most of us experience that kind of altered state of consciousness on some level, but imagine when that feel can only be likened to that which an individual would encounter if tripping out on some magic mushrooms – based on what I’ve heard because errrm disclaimer, I’ve never had a magic mushroom!

To be honest, I’ve always understood myself to be a sensitive soul that absorbs emotions both shared and unshared so I thought this thing that happened was just another one of my weird but amazingly satisfying quirks. I often wondered how many others experience orgasms on this level and decided that yeah, it was probably more common than I think, or rather I hoped it was because truth be told, that shit is amazing!

I reckon, a lot of people presumed the colour thing I often referenced was just my own descriptive way of describing an orgasm, you know that kind of poetic expressive speak that I love, think Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Common…that type of language and that, in actual fact, my descriptions were not literal but more metaphoric, well, they are! They are VERY real!

I recently discovered there is a name for this phenomenon. It is called; synaesthesia and by definition, it’s a neurological condition that causes the senses to intertwine. It is thought that every human is gifted with the condition to some degree but some of us are more…I want to say; tapped in to it?!
The condition is harmless meaning, there is no connection to morbidity or it being a by-product of another condition, it’s just something that roughly 1-4 per cent of people experience consciously. And actually, there is a school of thought that claims we all start off as babies in a world where we hear colours and smell sounds but as we develop, this ability begins to wane and, in most cases, becomes completely dormant.
Just to make it clear, synaesthesia is not a condition pertaining only to orgasms, it’s the scientific word used to categorise people that see the world through interconnected senses and experiences but people can experience it in varying degrees including a burst of colour at the point of orgasm and let me tell you, I am more than pleased to be able to put a name on this but even more thankful that I have the privilege of experiencing sexual pleasure in such an incredible way.