Boot up…with the right size!

OK, so we all know that using condoms when having sexual intercourse, is always a good idea.

Justified reasons include; preventing unwanted pregnancies and of course, the big one…protection from STIs.

I can’t deny, whilst I’m totally au fait with the above, considering condom sizes never really occurred to me.  I was always like, just get it on and let’s get it on if you know what I mean!

But you know what, it’s definitely deeper than that.

Men’s penises come in varying sizes so despite spending most of my young adult life completely oblivious to the fact that actually, there is more to it than all condoms being a one size fits all situation, thankfully I now know and appreciate the importance of a well-fitting condom.  And yes, I said well fitting.

Think of it in the same way you would an expensive suit.  You want to make sure that shit fits perfectly.  Snug in all the right places… that is basically how a condom should fit.

To be fair, there are many different condom brands available these days, all claiming different things like; for the larger man or tapping into pleasure with strap lines that offer extra sensation during sex.

It’s all covered…sizes, colours, flavours…the lot!

But imagine how daunting that must be…especially for a bloke heading out to buy for the first time.  I mean, thank god for Amazon…low key ordering and all that but still.

I mean, most dudes probably just buy the pack they believe to be right for them, often on the recommendation of a friend or what they’ve heard, but don’t really spend much time mulling over brands and options…initially at least.

I think it’s safe to say, sooooo many guys have literally been booting up with condoms that are either too loose, too tight, too long and perhaps even too short!

Not good!

The average penis sits somewhere between 5 and 7 inches long and most condoms are roughly 7 inches long…most!

It is important for a man to be aware of how the condom fits because statistically, those that don’t feel comfortable in condoms, often disregard them permanently which, can be problematic especially in more causal situations.

Seriously, yes skin to skin does feel better…nice even but are you really trying to take that risk just to buss a nut?

If I were a bloke, I’d take the whole condom wearing thing dead serious.  I’d be all up in the different flavours (perfect excuse for more head) and trust me when I say, my condom would fit me just right because I’d road test as many as I need to be sure.

You’re probably thinking, meh easy for her to say and yeah you’re right it is but I’d like to think I would genuinely feel this way as a man.

Anyways, knowing what I would do is just not that important but knowing that its  crucial to protect your neck at all costs is.

So, do what you must to make it fun and exciting, just make sure a raincoat is involved whenever it comes to intercourse!