CoroNO, don’t let it stop you!

There is absolutely no question that the Novel Coronavirus aka COVID-19, is affecting our lives in ways many wouldn’t have expected.

Whilst we are being fed a constant stream of dos and don’ts, possible symptoms, flu comparisons and everything else in between, it’s becoming harder to know where we really stand with all of this.

Best thing to do is NOT to PANIC!

Easier said than done I know but, if we consider what happens when we become over anxious and het up inside, our sense and ability to understand and process information presented to us as events unfold will become more and more skewered and that same fear and anxiety will only intensify causing more mental health trauma, possibly spilling over in to physical health too.

So, let’s try and have a look at some of the facts we have been presented with.

As per the NHS website: COVID-19 is a virus that affects your lungs and airwaves.

If you develop a high temperature and/or a new continuous cough (meaning coughing repeatedly), then you are required to self isolate.  In other words, stay in your home for at least 7 days.

It’s important to note that during the 7 days or if indeed you feel you are developing Coronavirus like symptoms, please DO NOT go to your GP, hospital or ANY surgery in fact.  Chances are, if you do have COVID-19, attending these kinds of spaces could put others at risk, especially the vulnerable.

Whilst the jury is still out on exactly how the virus is spread, it is presumed it is done so in a similar fashion to colds and flu so, here are a few ways you can try and protect yourself:

  • Wash your hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available
  • Try to avoid close contact with people that are unwell
  • DON’T touch your eyes, mouth and face if your hands are not clean!

Click this link for more info on COVID-19 including ways to protect yourself and others.

So, what about this safe distancing thing that keeps cropping up?

Well, in a nutshell, safe distancing simply means staying out of tight spaces and keeping a sensible distance between yourself and others.

To be fair, this is something I have always advocated for.  Could be something to do with the fact that I am anal ASF and don’t really enjoy being all up in someone’s maaaarnin or worse still, having strangers all up in mine but in this instance, it absolutely makes sense!

The other day, the guys on Good Morning Britain suggested staying at least a metre apart as a safe distance but some suggest perhaps 2 is safer. At an arm’s length should probably be the minimum I reckon. But, should you find yourself in a situation where you can’t apply this rule, again, DO NOT PANIC!  Just follow the NHS guidelines on washing your hands before touching your face etc and you should be fine.

As it stands, no one really knows what is best, we can only speculate and base stuff on what works generally.

I think the main thing here is, just take all the necessary steps to protect yourself and that in turn will protect others.

I’d personally suggest making sure those vitamin levels stay topped up in your body and chewing a bit of ginger daily never hurt anyone.  If you’re not partial to chewing ginger, grate it, fling it in a mug, add hot water and drink.  I personally enjoy ginger but I can appreciate that not everyone does but the health properties are great so do give it a try at least.

Trust me, all those home remedies are definitely worth implementing now, if you don’t already.  It will help boost your immune system giving you more of a fighting chance to dodge this disease or should you get it, it will give you more gusto to fight it with!

However you choose to do it, please stay safe!