Toothpaste is NOT lube!

Whilst fads come and go, some should NEVER be allowed to exist and the idea of using toothpaste as some sort of lube is one of them!

Imagine…minty fresh on ya bits?


Besides the fact that the composition of toothpaste is very different to that of lube, toothpaste on your genitals can actually cause burns!

Yep, you read right…

Using toothpaste on your sensitive areas, can cause mild chemical burns which may or may not include blistering.



In fact, quite the opposite…

Definitely not nice and more than likely, pretty damn uncomfortable!

Whoever decided that toothpaste as lube should be a thing, really needs a slap!

Women especially need to understand the implications here.

The balance of your vagina flora will undoubtedly be affected thus resulting in an unwelcomed bout of BV or thrush, or if you’re lucky…both!

Not only could the eco system of your vaj be comprised, but you could potentially damage your vaginal walls which in turn, could affect the pleasure you receive during sex.

Exactly…not what anyone wants!

So, if you’ve read, heard or even considered using toothpaste in place of lube, PLEASE think twice.

Using proper lube is fun.

You get extra slip and its safe!

If it’s a fad you’re after, stick to unicorn shaped pancakes with magical glitter or some shit…just leave your precious body parts alone!