Foot and fetish or foot fetish?

One of the amazing things about being a human is the fabulousness of our bodies.

Each of us have unique things that get us going and on the flip side of that, things that force us to go; bleeeurgh!

If you’re anything like me, you would probably enjoy having your feet tickled, massaged and just generally played with.

Considering a lot of people cannot stand the idea of their feet being touched, this is pretty unique right?

Whilst the words; “foot” and “fetish” are probably sounding off in your head as you read this, I’ve never really looked at this as a fetish but apparently, it is borderline.

By borderline I mean, if we were to use the general definition of a foot fetish, I would have to have some sort of sexual interest in feet.

I don’t…

And to be honest with you, me enjoying my feet being tickled for example, is not for sexual pleasure or gain…on my end at least!

So I feel like, whilst I enjoy it and it is somewhat pleasurable, it’s not sexually pleasing for me.

Are you following?

Oh I don’t know…

What do you think?

Does that sound like I have a foot fetish or nah?

But since we are on the subject of feet and so many people do have genuine foot fetishes, let’s talk about that.

If you were to have a foot fetish, chances are you would be massively attracted to feet.

You’d probably be able to list the characteristics of feet that you particularly like.  These may include things like short toenails, long toes, tattoos…anything.  The list is endless!

If you had a foot fetish, you may get turned on by touching feet or simply seeing them naked.

In terms of how you interact with feet, footplay will likely be a big part of sex for you.  It may be that you enjoy touching the feet, kissing, licking or even rubbing them against your genitals!

There really are no rules…only consent!

As a naturally curious individual, I do wonder where a fetish like this could possibly derive from and whilst I am more than sure there is no one-size-fits-all answer to a question like this, I am inclined to side with a few theories.

One theory being the desire to be submissive specifically where men are concerned.

The idea behind this suggests that a heterosexual man with a foot fetish would see the act of literally being at a woman’s feet, worshipping them, as an act of submission.

Another interesting perspective is the idea that the fetish comes from a place of disgust!

As crazy as it sounds, apparently as sexual arousal intensifies, the instinct that you have towards things that disgust you lessens and actually, your perception of stuff becomes skewered which in turn allows you to sexually engage with things you would normally find off putting.

Ohhhh the power of the mind hey?

I think the above two theories can certainly be applied but I also believe some people are just designed that way.

Sometimes hunting for answers isn’t always needed.

Having a fetish could just be the way you are…no explanation needed!

I think overall, when it comes to anything pertaining to sex, be that kinks, fetishes or inclinations, provided you are acting within the confines or the law and all parties consent, just do you!

I think the world would genuinely be a better place if we were allowed to enjoy ourselves without judgement.

Imagine, we’d all be floating on cloud 9 if were truly satisfied sexually.

And what an amazing place that would be!