Pretzel, Lotus, 69 or just standing?

That age old question around what gets us going in the bedroom, is one that will be with us forever, I reckon.

Its intriguing isn’t it?

How adventurous are we and do we experiment more than them?

Standard questions most of us ask ourselves, right?

We all love to compare and I guess in some kind of perverse way, knowing what other people do in the sack, gives us something to work with!

Its reassurance isn’t it?

So now that new research has been released based on Google search terms here in the UK, I imagine, you’re just as curious about the outcome as I was.

Apparently, us Brits get spicier by the year!

Thanks to, we now know; Missionary, Spooning, Doggystyle and a good ole 69, are super popular.

The more obscure, Lotus and Pretzel were also included but more about them in just a moment but standing…can we talk about standing?

Standing absolutely made the list as one of the most searched for terms and I am just going to go ahead and presume that’s because many would like to be able to appreciate the working dynamics of this position.

For example, does height and weight factor into how easy this position is and what about when it goes wrong?

I would imagine, there is a lot of leaning involved, you know, leaning against walls and stuff and balancing…balancing must be a huge part of it too.

Ahhh man, if I’m honest, I don’t think I’m 100% here for the standing you know BUT…and here’s a big but, the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl…oh yaaaaaaaaassss hunty!

Quick tip; when doing reverse cowgirl, your partners ankles make for great supports!

Just saying….

But back to those 2 not so familiar positions that cropped up.

Firstly, the Lotus!

Sounds complicated but it’s pretty straightforward.

Basically, whoever is doing the penetrating, needs to sit on the bed and the person being penetrated, literally straddles them, legs around their waist, face to face, eye to eye.

It’s a very intimate position so if you’re shy, this may not be for you.

Secondly, the Pretzel!

Yes, this position does literally require you to look like a Pretzel!

There are 2 interpretations of the position but hands down, my favourite one has to be where the woman lies on her side and slides one leg beneath the penetator then the other leg over their hip as they balance on their knees.


Likely to work…probably not first time round!

So there you go…now I guess the question is, which one are you trying out first?