Ask Tinted Blu: What’s a Spit roast?

You’ve probably heard the term banded about and to be honest, with it having a double meaning, its quite easy to see why referring to a Spit roast in any context, could be somewhat embarrassing.  But the reality is, so many people enjoy both the edible kind and the ermmmm less edible more physical kind.

Let’s sum it up!

A Spit roast in the sexual sense simply put, is a threesome involving one person bent over giving oral sex to a guy in front and being penetrated by another guy from the back.

It literally looks like a pig on a spit…hence the term!

Anal or vaginal penetration?

In truth, the submissive individual being ‘roasted’ can be either a man or a woman. So, if it’s a man then it will most certainly be anal and if the roastee is a woman, well…it can go either way or a bit of both!

So yeah, there you have it…a Spit roast!

But can I just add…as with any sexual encounter, safe sex should be paramount and practised always.
Booting up (wearing a condom) will help prevent unwanted pregnancies and/or minimise the spread of STIs.