Ask Tinted Blu: What’s the K-spot?

You’ve heard of the G spot and possibly the A-spot, but what about the K-spot?

Familiar with that?



OK, let me bring you up to speed then *wink*

You know that area right above your anus, where your bum cheeks separate?

That’s the K-spot!

This area is surprisingly sensitive and if massaged with a little (or deep) pressure (depending on what you like), the results can very relaxing and enjoyable.

Massage it with what?

Take your pick!

Because this area is external, the world really is your oyster.

Use a finger, penis and/or toy to rub, tickle and/or stroke the area.

I mean heck, if you’re feeling like really going for it, use a tongue!

There’s no right or wrong way – it really is a matter of; do whatever feels good.

Bonus fact!

If you do decide to stimulate the K-spot with a penis, the size of said penis will never be a concern.

Getting into a position that works for all involved will be the only issue to consider.

Soooo, go forth and get ‘K-spotting’ for an additional way to achieve pleasure…