[Audio Fiction] Tinder Toes: a foot fetish sex story – as featured on girlonthenet.com

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I’d sworn off Tinder,

Said I wouldn’t go back on after the last incident

Said it wasn’t worth my energy yet here I was, logged on and swiping away.


My last Tinder experience had ended badly

Really badly

So badly the police were involved and everything

So I had reassured my mates that I was done with the app…for good

But the lure of swiping right and potentially meeting someone, was hard to resist.


I gave in and had just swiped right on my 4th profile when I received a match!

He was just up my street

Definitely my bag

He looked confident…almost cocky

I liked that.


Almost instantly he messaged

He was eager

We went back and forth, messaging for a while then he jumped straight in

He invited me to meet him for a drink

In a matter of hours

I was a bit taken aback

This is where it had all gone wrong for me last time, I was too keen

I didn’t take my time

I jumped in feet first

I got burned


Naively, this one seemed different

No different in that I knew he just wanted something sexual

But different in his energy.

OK a sex is sex and if that’s all he wants, why care about energy and all that stuff

But he just felt different.


I agreed to meet

We decided on a nice pub central to both of us

Based on what he had said, we didn’t live too far from each other

About a 20 minute drive away.


Anyway, we met

He was shorter than what I was expecting…

And older

He was very mature

Not usually what I would go for

But I decided to go with and see where the evening would take us.


We both had a beer

He had a pint, I had half

We chatted

He was cool.


As the conversation went on, he appeared to keep looking down at my toes

I was wearing open toe sandals

It was as if at any opportunity he had to look down, he would.


By the time he was on his 3rd pint, his constant ogling of my feet was no longer discreet –

He was blatant with it.

His words slurred a little but he wasn’t creepy or anything

The conversation took a more sexy turn

It usually did, so I was unperturbed.


After beating around the bush for more than 5 minutes, he eventually revealed he had a thing for feet and mine were doing it for him.

He went on to explain that bare feet really turned him on and actually he was solid as we spoke

He asked if that bothered me

I asked him if it should

He laughed and leant closer

He asked me to promise not to laugh at what he had to say next.

My mind raced

He propositioned me

He wanted to suck my toes and fondle my feet

He promised me I’d love it.


My face said it all

He backed up and apologised

But I was curious now

I wondered whether this man could really get off by just sucking my toes and playing with my feet

I was very intrigued

The perverted side of me wanted to witness this

I wanted to see exactly how my feet could do it for him


I blurted out; the disabled toilets

He was taken aback

I told him, let’s go to the disabled toilets!

Hesitantly, he stood up and waited for me to stand too

He gestured for me to lead the way

I could tell he wasn’t sure if I was genuine or not.


Once in the loo I put the toilet lid down, wiped it off with some tissues and sat on it

He looked a bit awkward

I told him to thank his lucky stars I had leg strength and proceeded to suspend my leg in the air.


My toes pointed directly towards him

His hand brushed over his cock

He exhaled deeply

Then he began to remove my sandal

His breathing grew deeper

He was focused


He held up my foot and stroked my heel with the palm of his had

He stroked both sides of my foot then gently put his forefinger in between each of my toes.

He particularly like that as he brushed his free hand over his cock again


Cupping my foot gently, he moved his face towards my foot

He took my big toe in his mouth and moaned as his tongue licked and darted around


He stroked and sucked moving from toe to toe

His free hand had managed to undo his trousers and his hand was now inside

It was unbelievable to watch

This guy was sucking off my toes and wanking at the same time

I was enjoying it though

His wet mouth slobbering over my foot and toes felt good

Very sensual


His sucking got deeper

He applied more pressure on my toes with his mouth

The hand inside his trousers moved more frantically


He pulled it out

He was exposed..

His cock was free and he was openly beating himself off as he sucked my toes.


He moaned a little

Sucked hard on my big toe and then boom!

He was done….


He began to apologise almost immediately

I reassured him that I had consented to this

He was embarrassed

That had definitely sobered him up.


After cleaning himself up, he was eager to leave

He couldn’t look me in the eye

He was so embarrassed


I thought his behaviour was funny

He insisted he had to go but would message me later

I didn’t expect to hear from him.


All the way home, I replayed what had just happened

I giggled to myself

I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about this one I thought.

I got in, got settled, was about to call my bestie…

When he messaged me!