[Audio Fiction] Platform guy: A hot casual encounter– as featured on girlonthenet.com

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I’d never done anything like this before.

I would always pride myself on being over cautious of everything.

Risk was never something I would take for granted.

Yet here I was, with a guy I had met on the platform of Camden Town train station roughly 15 minutes ago, in an uber, heading to his house…apparently.


We could’ve been going anywhere.

I wasn’t sure.

I wasn’t from the area and to be honest, I didn’t really recognise any of the roads we flew past.


As we sped along, my mind raced over what was in store as the light from the street lamps blurred.

In that very moment I panicked a little, worrying that me being spontaneous wasn’t the best thing to do despite what my friends always told me.

Live a little, they’d say.

But here I was ‘living’ in the back of an uber with a random guy, heading into the night to do the inevitable.

I was fretting.

Butterflies in my stomach.

A combination of excitement and anxiety.

I needed a stiff drink… or two!


I exchanged looks with him.

Neither of us said a word.

In fact, since getting into the car, we both fell silent.

It was as if we could read each other’s minds…

…feel the anticipation…

…taste the tension.

No words needed to be spoken.


He looked away.

So did I

I looked down, almost ashamedly.

After a few seconds, slowly I lifted my eyes again, hoping he was still looking out of the window.

He was.

I studied his face.

He was handsome.

Rugged but not hard.

Gifted with even facial hair but not overwhelmingly grizzly!

His lips were full and defined.

They were juicy…





I caught myself licking my own lips at the thought.

His eyes were deep and dark

Sexy but stern

Wide but slightly slanted.

His eyes were pretty

They suited the contours of his face

His manly face

A face that had wooed many a woman

The kind of face that got itself into trouble…with women!


Should I be here I wondered?

Am I just another notch on this guy’s belt?

Of course I was.

That’s what I got in the car for wasn’t it?

We weren’t about to go and drink tea and talk politics were we?

We were going to fuck…

To get sweaty…

To have sex

Nothing more and nothing less

So why would I be concerned?


Maybe his face told more of his story than he ever felt it would…or could.

Perhaps he was a really nice guy,



Would I ever get to know?

Probably not.

This was an adult encounter

We both knew what was destined to happen

Should I care about him as a person?

Did he even consider me as the budding artist I was complete with my own personal baggage…

The fact that I had recently broken up with my partner

The reason why I so readily got in the car

Should he care?

Probably not!


The car pulled up outside a house

It looked pleasant


There was a big drive and a couple of cars parked up

Did they belong to him?

Did he house share?

Is this even his house?

As I contemplated a billion things at once, he got out of the car and had come round to my side and asked me if I was coming in.

Slightly discombobulated, I hopped out and said of course.


I followed him to the door

He put the key in the lock, opened up and in we went.

Inside was nice

The décor was minimalist but modern



As I swung round to face him, I collided with him full on

It was as if he had positioned himself in the perfect place

And in the moment I registered quickly that my chest was pressed against his

His hands swiftly cupped my face and pulled me in

Our lips met and his tongue forced its way into my mouth

His tongue was stiff and long

It darted around my mouth with purpose, frantically hunting for my tongue then proceeding to initiate a sort of tongue dance

It was sexy.


His hands moved up and down my waist as he gently but firmly backed me up against the wall

He proceeded to kiss down my neck at the same time his hands found the bottom of my top and in one swoop, he had pulled it up and over my head


I had barely taken a breath before he had released my left breast from the bra

I felt the coldness of his mouth engulf me

Instantly my nipple hardened

He licked and sucked

It hardened even more

My hands started to caress his back, encouraging him to keep sucking

He undid my bra and immediately he cupped my right breast with his hand and began massaging


Massaging and sucking all the while his increasingly hard cock poked into me more and more

I could feel myself getting wet

Confidence took a hold of me

My right hand moved in between us and I began stroking him from outside of his jeans

His cock bobbed a bit

I brought my other hand forward and undid the button and the zipper

His jeans dropped

I pushed him off me slightly

I wanted to see him

He was fully erect, his white trunks stretched to prove it


I kneeled down and freed him from his underwear

I was face to face with his hot and throbbing

I was eager to taste him

I leant in and wrapped my mouth around his shaft

It was smooth

He smelled good and tasted even better


He loved my mouth action, his groans told me so

After a few minutes he pulled away and told me to stand up

I obliged

He yanked up my skirt, pulled down my thong, hoisted me up then entered me

He was big

I couldn’t stifle my moans


The wall against my back felt reassuring as he fucked the life out of me

I opened my eyes briefly, I wanted to appreciate his face

I noticed the mirror on the wall adjacent

It was a big mirror, big enough to see his tight arse tensing each time he thrust with my legs wrapped firmly around him

This turned me on more

It was ecstasy


The thrusting continued into a perfect rhythm

I could feel myself ready to gush

He could feel me tense up

He leant forward and began to suck my right breast

That was it, I was ready…

In seconds I had come!


Whilst the waves of pleasure engulfed me, he continued to grind and shortly after he urgently pulled out of me and in the same motion guided me down towards his pulsating cock

I sat back on my heels in front of him

He wanked himself and then shot his load right across my chest.

I was buzzing….!