What’s a hymen? (inspired by Ti)

Over the last few months there’s been a lot of virginity talk banded about what with Ti exposing his arse as a father with waaaayyy too much interest in his eldest daughter’s sex life.
I mean, he even went as far as believing it was acceptable to have her subjected…yes subjected to virginity checks, annually.
(Just bringing you up to speed if you missed the madness).

Whilst a part of me understands why Tip may have felt the need to do whatever it takes to steer his daughter clear of fuckboys (given he probably got his fuckboy stripes as a young man), I can’t help but wonder why none of the women around him tried to encourage him to ease off on his daughter a little bit…
Interestingly, I do genuinely believe his behaviour came from a place of concern and the need to protect rather than anything sinister or malicious but still, in the words of Kanye; that shit cray!

His poor daughter….

Anyhoos, I thought, because the whole virginity check thing is based around ascertaining whether a woman’s hymen is still intact, perhaps some clarification on hymens, is needed!

The hymen is often described medically as a small, ragged membrane that lies just inside the opening of the vagina.

[Image courtesy of Wikipedia]

The hymen is very delicate…a bit like rice paper which means, the whole theory of a woman not being classed as a virgin if her hymen isn’t intact is basically BS because every day activities such as riding a bike, using tampons or even masturbating can result in the disappearance of the hymen.
Moreover, some women aren’t even born with hymens!

Also important to note, the hymen doesn’t have a huge blood supply so this whole idea of there being a pool of blood as a result of breaking the hymen is somewhat exaggerated.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting someone having sex for the first time may not experience bleeding, I’m just saying, it’s probably not going to be on the level most people (mainly dudes), think!

So yeah, the hymen in a nutshell: thin like rice paper, easy to rub away, not a great way of determining someone’s virginity and is probably not visible to the average person’s naked eye!