[PODCAST] 8. The Pleasure Principle with Habeeb Akande

Ever heard of Kunyaza?


Well you have now…

And if you are already familiar, then great…you’ll enjoy this episode too!

Author, sex educator and historian; Habeeb Akande, joins Sherryl Blu to discuss the traditional African answer to the orgasm gap.

The difference between erotology and sexology is explored as well as the importance of men satisfying their women, sexual energy and liberation.

Religious opposition to some sexual practices is also covered as well as agreeing that golddiggers should just own it!

Habeeb shares some personal insight into the mind of men and both he and Sherryl touch on definitions of what beauty is based on cultural influence including the beautification ritual of labia pulling.

The question; what is the perfect vagina is covered and the increase of cosmetic surgery for the vulva is looked at.

It’s an eye opening, educational, entertaining episode guaranteed to have you questioning all that you thought you knew.

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