[PODCAST] 7. Monogamy vs Non Monogamy with Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

Psychologist and sex & intimacy coach; Dr Lori Beth Bisbey joins Sherryl Blu for this episode.

As someone that enjoys being in non-monogamous relationships, Dr Lori breaks down her current situation including her relationship with her first love who is currently asexual, explains why monogamy never worked for her and says it was problematic, shares details on the power dynamic in her marriage and talks about the energy her husband gets from her when she comes back from her sexual encounters.

Dr Lori breaks down exactly what intimacy is and why it is more than just a sexual exchange.

Consent is touched on and the ladies discuss why making bad choices isn’t always about consent yet, consent will forever remain crucial!

Sex addiction and the ease of banding the term about when there is so much more to why someone may display compulsive behaviours is covered and Sherryl asks Lori whether she believes humans are designed to be monogamous.

All of this and much more….

Its education, its entertainment, its informative and its unfiltered fun.

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