[PODCAST] 6. Sensual x Sadistic with Lady Andromeda

Professional dominatrix; Lady Andromeda joins Sherryl Blu for this episode of Tinted Blu Talks.

They discuss the ins and outs of being a dominatrix including mental mind play, why these safe spaces are needed and why communication is key.

Lady also shares why she enjoys urinating on people, the psyche behind scat play, BDSM and what it means, her love for fisting, breath play and urethral sounding.

How to get into domination is also covered as well as pegging and forced orgasms.
There are a few shockers in this episode so if you are someone that is squeamish and/or judgmental, this might not be for you!

It’s real eye opener….

Its education, its entertainment, its informative and its unfiltered fun.

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