[PODCAST] 4. Squirting Science with Lola Jean

In this episode of Tinted Blu Talks, Sherryl sits down with the World Record Holder for Volume Squirting (solo); Lola Jean.

They discuss the various ‘hats’ Lola wears including; sex educator, pro domme, wrestler and writer and her love for mental domination, trash talk and pegging.

They talk about kinks, shame and why many fear being entirely transparent sexually.

Anal massages before indulging in anything anal sexually comes up and they agree that the perfect way to understand penetration, is to be penetrated yourself!

Lola shares her thoughts on ‘dickaphobia‘ and of course, they chat about her ability to squirt 1250ml of ‘squirt juice’ in 25 seconds, how she discovered herself and ways in which women can achieve pleasure in the form of squirting too.

Phew! It’s a lot!

All of this and much more….

Its education, its entertainment, its informative and its unfiltered fun.

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