[PODCAST] 3. Balance, balance, juggle juggle with Remi Ray & Imi Morgan

In this episode of Tinted Blu Talks, Sherryl sits down with ultrapeneurs; Remi Ray & Imi Morgan for a down to earth and honest discussion about finding the balance between business, life, sex and relationships.

The trio discuss why learning on the job is crucial, why the ‘dream job’ is ten times harder to maintain than the day job, the importance of time management, planning and prioritising as well as why having a good support network makes all the difference!

The idea that sex is a form of self-care is discussed, juggling sex and the workload, refusing sex and feeling rejected and why communication is key in any successful relationship especially when you are juggling business.

Phew! It’s a lot!

All of this and much more….

Its education, its entertainment, its informative and its unfiltered fun.

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