[PODCAST] 2. Clear the Fog with Girl on the Net

This episode of Tinted Blu Talks sees Sherryl Blu sit down with sex blogger, author and self-confessed pervert; Girl on the Net!

The conversation starts with masturbation as the jump off point with discussion around watching your man wank for kicks, understanding why masturbation is still seen as taboo to some people, the benefits and the importance of masturbation as well as discovering whether you are left or right ‘clitted’!

Porn is also discussed with Sherryl and Sarah questioning whether men watch porn differently to women, the effects of porn on young people and the porn firewall.

The subject of kinks also comes up and the ladies attempt to understand the weird narrative that surrounds blow jobs and why the word vagina is still deemed a profanity but penis is not.

All of this and much more….

Its education, its entertainment, its informative and its unfiltered fun.

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