[Raunchy Reads] The gas man service!

Earlier this week, I had the gardeners and the gas man doing their thing in my house on the same morning so I put out a tweet talking about having too many strange men just bopping around my gaff requesting coffee and stuff – one of my followers commented saying my tweet sounded like the beginning of a cheesy porno sooooooooooooooooooooo you know what I did….

I wrote an erotic piece using ‘the gas man’ as a jump off point!

Hope you enjoy…


Doorbell rings at roughly 8.05am…it was the gas man.

He had arrived to service my boiler.

I welcomed him in.

He looked fresh in his uniform.

Neat and…well, sexy!

I showed him to the boiler room.

I left him there and went back downstairs to finish off preparing my breakfast.

About 6 minutes or so later, I heard footsteps on the stairs and then an ‘excuse me’ in a booming but husky voice.

Want did he want I wondered?

I came out and met him at the foot of the steps.

He cheekily asked me why I hadn’t offered him a tea or coffee.

Extremely forward I thought but offered him anyways.

He wanted coffee, milky with one sugar.

I told him I would shout when it was ready.

He went back upstairs.

As I waited for the kettle to boil, the doorbell went again.

It was the gardeners.

I went to the front door, shouted ‘good morning’ and then gestured to the back door, informing them that it was open already.

I had taken the morning off work and decided it made sense to get all the household maintenance done in one go.

I shut the front door and as I spun round, there was Mr Gas man right behind me.

He made me jump.

He laughed, put his hand on my shoulder and told me there was no need to be scared of him!

That was a little bit creepy.

I asked where his patience was and that his coffee will be ready soon.

He told me he was parched.

I asked him why he didn’t have a drink before starting work…

No answer!

I realised he was just being over confident and forward.

I made the coffee and handed it to him, but instead of going straight back upstairs, he leant against one of the walls in the kitchen.

I made a joke about him having work to do

He responded by asking me if I always roam around my house in short shorts and revealing vest tops?

Taken aback by his comment, I blushed and he knew it.

I felt conscious.

His eyes penetrated me…

He was a very good looking man, this made me more nervous.

He said the coffee was nice…perfect even.

I told him I was glad.

I shuffled uncomfortably

He moved closer and asked me if I smelt as good as I looked

I just didn’t know what to do or where to put my face so when one of the gardeners knocked on one of the windows in the kitchen, I was glad!

Mr Gas man chuckled and headed back upstairs whilst I spoke to the gardener about what he intended to do during this visit.

Once we finished chatting, I found myself heading towards the stairs.

Next thing I knew, I was climbing the stairs

Mr Gas man greeted me as I reached the top

He just grinned.

I asked him if his corny lines were part of the in house service

He didn’t answer, put the tool he had in his hand down, moved towards me and said; ‘show me your bedroom’!

I didn’t even hesitate…

I directed my eyes to the door behind him to the left.

He spun around and told me to show him inside.

This was weird…

This was strange

This was some fantasy shit

Here I was showing the flippin gas man my bedroom!

I knew what was about to go down,

Well I thought I did anyway….

I moved past him and opened the door

The windows in my room were open so immediately a gust of cool air met us on entry

He came in behind me and ushered me forward

Once we were both fully in the room, he turned me around to face him

He gently pushed me back on to my bed

I was in the sitting position with my feet on the floor

He put his hands on my knees and dropped down before me

He gently pushed my legs apart and tilted me backwards so I fell backwards on to the bed

He pulled my body forward and removed my shorts at the same time

I was exposed

Everything was just out there.

He wasted no time

His mouth connected with my pussy within seconds.

He began teasing me by gently massaging me with his lips and every now and again his tongue would flick against my clit.

His hands made their way to my ass cheeks

He gripped each cheek firmly in each of his hands

His mouth sunk further into my middle and he sucked on my clit, hard and deep.

The motion made me gush

I was wet

He lapped it up.

He paused for a moment to look up at me, to catch my expression…which was one of pure ecstasy

He told me I tasted good…

The he returned to his oral onslaught.

He knew what he was doing

He was a pro at this…

He licked me like an ice cream and tongue fucked me with his long, thick tongue.

The tongue fucking had me twisted up

I arched my back

He removed his tongue and inserted a finger instead then sucked and licked my clit until I erupted in his mouth!

I came all down his throat

He loved it

His quiet noises of appreciation let me know he enjoyed me.

He carried on licking and sucking

I had to pull back

Eventually, he sat back on his heels

I was a mess!

He just looked at me for a few seconds then jumped up.

I could see he was erect but, he just edged towards the door and proudly declared that now he had serviced me, he can get on and finish the boiler!

I didn’t know what to say, so when he left the room to return to his work, I grabbed my shorts, pulled them back on, left my bedroom, closed the door behind me and bombed back downstairs.

I checked on the gardeners…they were fine!



Sherryl Blu©
6th July 2019
All rights reserved