A woman has 3 holes! #everyvajmatters

OK, let’s clarify this once and for all, a woman has 3 holes down below!

Yes, THREE different holes!

Many believe that there are only two, the vagina and the anus…


Ladies, if you are guilty of believing the 2 hole fallacy, fetch yourself a mirror and skin out immediately.

Oh and for the record, women do not wee out of their vagina…

Nope, amazingly, that’s where the third hole comes in – the urethra hole aka the piss hole!

Based on the above, do you need me to clarify what the other 2 holes do?

Nah, I didn’t think so either however, the disturbing reality that many believe women are packing only 2 holes underneath, has lead me to want to dispel a few other myths and enlighten y’all a little further on the fabulousness of the  vulva/vagina, all at the same time!

Virginity restored?

Another popular ideology is that you can become a virgin again.

Amongst other stuff, there’s plenty of promotion around surgeries and exercises that can ‘revirginise’ you!

This is bollocks… once you’ve been penetrated, you are no longer a virgin regardless of how many tightening creams you use!

Tightening things up, is one thing, being a virgin is definitely another!


Just like any other body part, no 2 vulvas are the same!

Whilst there are often similarities, they are all different!

Some vulvas tend to protrude whilst others sit hidden behind neat labia.

And speaking of labia, some hang low, whilst others are practically non-existent.

There really are no rules to this and the fact that we all look different down there means, every single one is just as beautiful as the next.

Flex that vaj!

The vagina is essentially muscle and like with all muscles, they must be flexed often in order to keep them in good working order.

This does not mean you should be having sex although penetrative sex is like a mini workout for your vaginal walls…but if penetrative sex is not your thing or you are not having sex for whatever reason, treat your vagina to some regular pelvic floor exercises, she’ll thank you for it by allowing you pleasure (should you want it), until the day you die!

STI vs Condoms

YESSSSS You absolutely CAN catch an STI even if you use a condom.

Not all STI’s pass through bodily fluids.

STIs such as lice, herpes and genital warts can be passed through skin to skin contact so please, if you are still believing that a condom will save you from all infections, think again!

Boot up and have regular checks to ensure you know what’s happening with your body.

So yah, just a few little pointers there…

And just think, it all started with how many holes us women have!