No Glycerin for Gina!

OK so it’s been beaten into us women from all angles…DON’T USE SOAPS, SHOWER GELS AND PRODUCTS ON YOUR VAJAYJAY!

We totally understand and we absolutely get it…

We will not…
Although some of us still chose to but yeah, it’s not necessarily through lack of knowledge, it’s just more of a choice.

We know that shower gels and various products can upset the natural PH balance of our sensitive area but exactly what is it in these products that ramp with our ish and cause Gina to freak out?

The culprit is GLYCERIN!


Imagine, one of the major products that is constantly sold to us as an essential ingredient for any good moisturiser is actually bad for your pum pum!


Well, in its natural state, Glycerin is an odourless and colourless liquid that is derived from plant sources.  It is a humectant which means it has the ability to attract water to itself which is key in moisturising hence why it’s included in most beauty products BUT, we now know, Glycerin can be responsible for yeast infections because of that exact reason.

The PH balance of her downstairs is very specific and extra moisture, could upset that.

Whilst most women tolerate Glycerin without any obvious effects, if you do find when you use certain products your downstairs reacts, Glycerin could be the reason!

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