Keep Gina happy, she’s low maintenance!

We all know Gina is a bit of a sensitive being, somewhat like the Hulk in a you-wont-like-her-when she’s-angry kind of way, so treating her with the utmost care and respect is paramount.

Looking after your vagina shouldn’t be a chore and it certainly shouldn’t be difficult but unfortunately, if you don’t adhere to certain rules, Gina freaks out and lets you know so by either omitting a bit of an odour or creating an uncomfortable situation down there!

Keep Gina happy by sticking to the following and she will continue to function perfectly and provide you with pleasure wherever necessary.

Wear cotton underwear

It’s something that we’ve heard being bandied about since we were small.
The choice to wear underwear made from cotton was always pipped as preferred.  Its only as we got older we learned to appreciate why.
It’s all about breathability!
Cotton underwear allows your downstairs to breath and also absorbs any moisture – perfect for Gina!
Wanna go a stage further?
Go commando!
If you’re just chilling at home, back of those panties and let your bits air out – she’ll thank you for it but if you are venturing out like to the gym or just in public, that extra layer in the form of cotton panties is crucial protection from germs and nasties!

Scented soaps are a no no!

You’ve probably heard it a billion times but for real, those beautifully smelling liquid soaps that promise to leave your skin enrobed with the scent of strawberries or coconut all day, will possibly do just that but should you decide to wash Gina with said soap, be prepared for a bit of a protest!

Purely because Gina self-cleans and ensures her PH balance remains stable, any introduction of soap or other chemicals that can dry things out and alter the balance is not welcomed.
Warm water is all that is needed to clean inside your vagina but if you insist on using soap, stick with a gentle, unscented one.
Please remember, the beautifully smelling soaps can be used on the rest of your body and even around Gina…no excuses for clean skin!

Don’t Douche!

You already know why spraying water up ya fanny isn’t going to end well.
The harshness of the spray can remove all the friendly bacteria Gina has worked hard to balance leaving you open to an increased risk of infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and even STI’s!

Wipe it right!

As weird as this may sound, apparently there are as much as 33% of women that do not wipe themselves properly after they use the toilet.
Always wipe from the front to the back with NO exception!
Wiping from the back to the front can draw faecal matter towards the vagina and cause urinary tract infections and more….

Condoms and lubes please!

Whilst it’s vital you use condoms when engaging in sex with someone for the first time (at least), this not only protects you from the obvious but it also helps to keep your vagina’s PH level balanced.
It’s not uncommon to develop a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis after sex with someone new because of the new bacteria introduced to your vagina if you have raw sex with someone.

Kegels…and lots of em!

We are ALL familiar with the term ‘Kegel’ but how many of us actually get ‘Kegeling’?
If you are under the impression that a woman should only do Kegels after having a baby or when she gets older, you are sadly mistaken!
Doing 3 sets of 10 Kegels a day (holding for 3 seconds each) will help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of any woman at any age.
The benefits include; improved bladder and bowel function, reduced strain on organs in the pelvic area and stronger orgasms!
Win, freakin’ win if you ask me!