[#21TINTED – Day 21] Dashed and new dick ready!

Luke definitely answered his phone and right from the offset, the lies spewed

In that moment I remembered why we were only compatible sexually

Luke was a cunt!

As I lay in my own bed next to Luke, my ex…after a night of passion

I concluded this man was so full of shit it was ridiculous!


When he got off the phone, I told him to leave

He thought grabbing me and trying to ram his tongue down my throat would shut me up


I shoved him back and told him to get out

He wanted to reason with me

I just didn’t want to hear any of it

It’s like the on switch had been activated

For the last 3 years or so I was happy to entertain him sexually

I knew about his relationship too

But our sex was amazing

We spoke often and it was just…

Well I was just used to him…

Comfortable with him

But now

I just wanted him out

Maybe witnessing the extent of his lies first hand did something

Maybe I just grew up

I don’t know but I was done…



The night before was the last time

Luke was a certified bastard!

A manipulative liar

A cheat…

Nah I wasn’t involved!


Finally he left but not before a bit more grovelling and him ‘trying to make me understand’!

Once he was gone I sat for a while

I reflected on everything

I was stupid


And selfish to still sleep with him knowing his status


I promised myself I wouldn’t contact him again

At least not whilst he was in a relationship

Probably not at all to be honest…

But yeah


I contemplated erasing him out of my phonebook

I went in to my contacts and found his name

But I couldn’t do it…

The idea of removing him proved harder than I thought

I didn’t understand why

I just knew I didn’t want to


I needed a distraction…

How could I take my mind off Luke?

What would it take?


I put my phone on the table

Stood up and stretched

Just then, my phone vibrated

It was a message…

It simply read; ‘do you remember your private dance?  I want to give you part 2’!

It was Mr Donkey schlong from the strip club…

But how did he get my number?

I wondered if it was just one of my friends playing a stupid prank on me

Then the phone vibrated again

He had sent a semi-nude selfie with words; ‘just in case you have trouble remembering who I am’

It’s like he was reading my mind

He had definitely hooked me in

I sent a message back saying; I am having trouble remembering, please send more pictures to help jog my memory’.

Instantly another message came through, it was a from-the-waist-down pic

It was absolutely him…

I was hooked in and ready to see where this convo was set to take me.








Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved






Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved