[#21TINTED – Day 20] Interrupted!

As I lay in bed thinking about how wild the night before had been

I smiled

It was crazy

So so crazy

So much so, my underneath agreed with me

I had been pounded!


The night hadn’t stopped in the bathroom

Oh no…

We brought that shit back to my house!

We fucked all over the place!

Against the bannister

In the kitchen

On the couch

On the floor

In the hallway

Then eventually in the bedroom, where we ended up


The sex wore him out

Like literally…finished him

How did I know?

Well he never left!

That man crashed out in my bed after perhaps the 6th round

I pondered what his girlfriend might think but quickly decided, that was none of my business!


I looked over at him

He was stirring

As I continued to run over the recent events in my mind

I felt fingers on my thighs

It was Luke

He was awake

He pulled back the sheets to expose his morning wood

I felt my pussy twinge at the thought of going again

That ish was tender!


He used the same hand to gently start to stroke himself

He looked at me

Waiting for some indication I’m sure…

He quickly moved into full on wank mode

Still looking at me…


I liked what I saw

His wanking turned me on

So when he tugged me to come closer

I didn’t resist

I took my naked self and clambered on


I bit my lip as he entered but after a few strokes…we were good!

He filled me up fully and as his hands helped my waist to gyrate

I leant forward

My breasts dangled in front of him

He raised his neck, flicked out his tongue and began to alternate licks between them

It was sexy



Fast and slow…

The motion was amazing

The ripples of pleasure consumed me


Then somewhere in the depths of passion

I heard a phone ring

It wasn’t mine, it didn’t ring the same

It was his…

He knew it was his

We paused

He didn’t reach for it but looked at me with a glimmer of concern in his eyes

It eventually rang off and we continued to grind

Then it rang again

And again….

In fact it wouldn’t stop!

I knew who it was,

He did too…

After what seemed like forever, he leant over, rummaged through his stuff on the floor

And found his phone.







Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved