[#21TINTED – Day 19] Birthday dick!

He tugged at the front of the dress

It didn’t take much

My breasts were freed


Begging to be groped

He couldn’t keep his hands off

He lunged in with his tongue

Once in my mouth his firmness put pressure on my own tongue

We played around

Our tongues wrestled…



My right hand dropped down and found the top of his trousers

I managed to undo the button and release the zip with one hand

His trousers fell to the ground

I lowered my left hand to join my right on his waist

I knelt down before him

Just the thin fabric of his Calvin Klein’s stood between me and the birthday dick

I looked up at him as I slowly pulled them down

The birthday dick popped out

Semi erect…

I held it with my left hand and wanked it a little

Then I tucked in…

Right in!

I wrapped my lips around the tip and gently sucked

I began to run my tongue up and down the shaft

And alternated between licking and sucking…

Sucking then deep throating…


Every time I took him deep in my throat, he groaned

An earthy pleasurable groan

I loved that sound

It made me wanna keep deep throating him

I loved the taste of him

I loved the feel of him

I could’ve sucked him off all night


After some time

I involved my right hand

I let it massage his dick whilst I spat at it and lapped it up

That drove him crazy

He threatened that he would come soon if I carried on

I wanted him to


I got into a sucking rhythm

Not quite deep throat but deep enough that I took most of him in on every stroke

He gently held the back of my head…

Gentle but without hesitation

He guided my head to his rhythm

I could feel him brewing up

I toyed with his balls

I wanted to suck them but he would not let my head move

I knew he was going to blow soon…

…so I kept on with the flow

His groans got deeper and turned into grunts

I could feel his dick throb

He pushed his pelvis forward then he blew


…shot his load…

All the way down my throat

Birthday cum fresh from the birthday dick!






Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved