[#21TINTED – Day 18] Outside, inside.

I ventured out to the back garden and there he was…

In all white…

Looking amazing!

He stood out

He looked good and I knew he was going to smell, just as good as he looked!

He spotted me and made his way over

He embraced me

A deep…long…meaningful hug and yes, he smelt delicious!

After the hug, he leant back to look me

He told me I looked great

I knew he wasn’t wrong

He hugged me again

This time he whispered in my ear

He told me the birthday boy wanted a birthday present

It had completely skipped my mind that around this time his birthday fell

Come to think of it, he hadn’t mentioned it in our conversations either

Or had he?

I couldn’t vouch for it either way but regardless, here we were.


We moved over to the makeshift bar and grabbed a couple of drinks

He suggested we go and sit on one of the lavish sofas

Once seated, I asked about his friends

He said they were doing their thing

He asked about mine

I basically said they were cool just mingling and enjoying too

He was happy with that.


As we sat and sipped on our drinks, his leg pressed against mine

The softness of his good quality jeans next to my bare legs felt nice

When he spoke to me, he watched me intently

We flirted…

…big time!

This was normal for us…

Small talk was flowing but we both knew what we really wanted

I knew what I wanted

I wanted to taste that birthday dick

I wanted to ride that birthday dick

I wanted that birthday dick to explode all over me

I know he wanted all of that too!


We sat, got more drinks and sat some more

The music around us was good

The vibe was nice

I was feeling warm

The alcohol was caressing my insides

I wanted to dance

He got up and joined me

It felt good

We were both enjoying the old school R&B

I wanted him even more now

He kept on hugging me

Pulling me close

So close I could feel the firmness of his cock against my front every time

That made me wet

I wanted to feel that outside of the jeans


In the flesh!


I couldn’t hold it any more

I wanted him

Maybe it was the alcohol but I told him point blank that I wanted to fuck

He instantly responded by cupping my hand and pulling me back towards the house

Once inside we passed through a few rooms until we arrived at one of the bathrooms

He pushed through the door

Pulled me in

Slammed and locked it behind him

Spun me around and proceeded to undo the zip on the back of my dress….






Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved