[#21TINTED – Day 17] I’m gonna party with my ex!

Around 1030 ish, I dragged myself out of bed

I showered and got dressed

I didn’t have any plans for the daytime as I was out from the early evening so I spent the best part of the day just doing householdy bits which included washing and sorting out clothes.

Evening time came around pretty fast

We were going to a mansion party

All white….

I had been looking forward to this particular event for a minute

The promoters always put on a good night and it was popular

Loads of people I knew were going but most importantly…

My ex would be there!

Now, getting excited over an ex is not really something I would usually do but…

this particular ex held a special space in my heart…

…and pants!

I just couldn’t resist him and despite the fact that we had ben apart for well over 3 years, the sexual tension never left.

He had moved on and settled into another relationship but that didn’t stop him either

The feelings were definitely mutual.

Our sex was the absolute best and he knew it

We couldn’t get along for the sake of a relationship but we definitely made sparks fly in the bedroom…

His name was Luke!

I knew Luke was going to the party because he told me so…

We spoke often via WhatsApp.

I don’t think his girlfriend knew about it

I don’t think he cared to be honest.

Our conversations were mainly sexually charged

That’s where the attraction lay…

We’d often start out with the usual pleasantries, you know; hi, how was your day and blah blah but in no time at all the conversation would take a turn and we’d be swopping naughty pics and detailing what we would like to do to each other.

I couldn’t wait to see Luke

I had been thinking about him

I often fantasised about him

He told me he did the same!

I made sure I looked the shit!

I wore a white leather strapless dress that fitted like a glove

I looked hot and I knew it

This dress was a head turner plus it was easy to access….

Make up was minimal but sexy, hair was slicked back

I arrived at the party with my mates

Within minutes I received a message


He must’ve been on the lookout

He told me to meet him by the drinks station in the back garden…






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