[#21TINTED – Day 16] Rub-a-dub!

Multiple orgasms was a guarantee with this guy

For both of us…

When we were both well and truly fucked, we smoked our last spliff together

Shortly after I decided to leave

This was nothing more than what it was and sticking around could send the wrong vibe

I was out…

I felt weak through the pleasure

But truly satisfied

I slept good that night

I didn’t stir once!

Jacob dealt with me properly…as always!

Saturday morning meant a lie in

I woke up feeling horny

I always felt horny after having sex

It’s like my body couldn’t get enough

I couldn’t get enough…

I had to deal with myself

I allowed my hands to venture downstairs

My fingers parted my lips and I began to stroke my clit

It was more of a flick…

…but gentle!

I closed my eyes and thought about dicks

Big dicks

Dicks everywhere…

In front of me

Beside me

In me…

Just everywhere!

I rubbed a little harder…

I worked up a rhythm as my mind wandered

I often fantasised about having 3 or 4 men on me at one time

This got me off

I rubbed fast then slowed it down

I teased myself

I knew how to get myself off

I was quick

I didn’t need penetration

Just a good ole rub and some imagination

In no time at all I was done

I got up, washed my hands then got back in bed…

I switched on the TV and got into some Netflix!







Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved