[#21TINTED – Day 14] Salad tossed!

I came in his mouth

That’s what he wanted

That’s what he always wanted!

He lapped that up like a dog sipping water on a hot day

Hungry for it…


As I lay there enjoying the gentle feeling that had taken over my body

He reached over for his cigarette box

He pulled out another spliff…ready made

He lit it and leaned back as he inhaled the smoke

This was the intermission

It’s like we always got straight into it, knocked one out, took a break and we would be back at it

I welcomed the break to be honest

My legs were shaking


He took a few puffs and passed it to me

I inhaled

The weed smoke made my current situation even more intense

My pussy buzzed

I inhaled more

I passed it back…


We must’ve smoked for maybe 10 minutes or so then he stood up

He liked to stand in front of me

I think it was his way of teasing me

He started to wank himself off

I was ready to go again

That feel had worn off and quite frankly, I wanted it back

I watched him as he got hard again

He told me to turn around and get on all fours

I did…


He slapped my arse, grabbed at both butt cheeks then dropped down and sunk his face into me

His tongue found my arsehole

He tongued it

It felt amazing

One of his hands left my arse and found his cock again

He wanked as he ate my arse


My fingers made their way to my pussy

I began rubbing my clit

The combo of his tongue in my arsehole and the hardening of my clit was intense

Suddenly he pulled back

There was about a minute of no action as he pulled out a condom from beside the base of the chair

He was always so prepared

He rolled it on and within no time at all

He was in me

Deep in me…

From the back!







Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved