[#21TINTED – Day 12] Suck, slobber, spit!

His tongue delved deep

It poked and danced about in my mouth…

…as if it were looking for something

It was aggressive

I liked it!

His hands were just as frisky

His right one quickly found my left breast

He tugged at my top and released it

Almost in one fluid movement, his mouth dropped down to catch it

He sucked

And licked

And flicked

My head fell back

He moved me so my back was flat against the couch

With his other hand, he freed my right breast

His mouth ran between the two of them


It was frantic

It felt good

He paused just long enough to remove my top

Another quick move

He was slick at this

No awkward moments

Just smooth

He backed off his vest too

His nipples were juicy

As he sucked on mine, I tugged at his with my fingers

He stood up

And right before me he untied his lounge pants and let them fall to the ground

No underwear

Fully erect!

I jumped up and sat on the edge of the couch with both feet on the floor

He moved towards me

I welcomed him with my mouth

He tasted so good

He was always so well maintained!

I loved giving head and he made it so easy.

I held his cock with my right hand as I gently tugged and sucked, licked and nibbled

He liked it when I spat at it then lapped it back up

He wanted eye contact

He loved to see his cock fill my mouth

He got off on seeing me taste him…

Holding the back of my head and urging me to go deeper was also something he was fond of

I didn’t mind

My gag reflex was practically non-existent!

After a few minutes of me sucking him off

He wanted to taste me

He dropped to his knees and told me to lie back

I did what I was told

He wasted no time

His mouth met my pussy in seconds

And that same frantic tongue energy he came with earlier

Was now working magic on my clit….

Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved